“We are moved by understanding funeral rites from all over the world”

“We are moved by understanding funeral rites from all over the world”

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The company will be present this Wednesday on the first day of Tanexpo after having participated in the FIAT-IFTA

The FIAT-IFTA (International Federation of Thanatological Associations), held last week in Budapest, has brought together, after two years, the members of the Federation after the last -virtual- meeting in Japan.

And the Sortem team has also traveled there, facing the event with «great enthusiasm» as explained to this medium by Antton Loinaz, who also offered a presentation on innovation in Spain in the funeral sector. Since the pandemic, it had not been possible to celebrate in person, and the event allowed companies from the five continents to meet again.

In addition, during the dinner offered by the organization, the new president, Marek Cichewicz, was introduced, who received the witness from the hands of the outgoing president, Hiroshi Kitajima.

“For us, these meetings are very important. We are moved by understanding funeral rites from all over the world, we want to work and innovate with things from other parts that we can adapt in the countries where we have a presence. We believe in innovation with meaning, always linked to service and dismissal”, says Loinaz.

Tanexpo opens its doors in Bologna

In this sense, the Sortem team has also traveled this week to Bologna to attend Tanexpo, one of the most international exhibitions in Europe. «In addition to meeting again with colleagues whom we have not been able to see during these years of pandemic, we seek to strengthen our collaboration with Love Urns as exclusive distributors for Spain, Italy and Portugal.»

And it is that no one escapes the importance for the international market sector, for which we asked Antton: “From the point of view of the funeral service as a provider, the international market is in a complex situation, partly due to the high cost of transportation and the health bureaucratic difficulties of recent years. All funeral homes have had to reinvent themselves and tackle new difficulties every day. Even so, there is optimism and a great desire to work and find synergies. And it is that these problems have also led to more sincere support among the sector, so I think it is a good time to generate opportunities”.

The company will bring to Italy the training programs they are already working on and that they are looking to launch internationally.