What is thanatoesthetic cosmetology?

What is thanatoesthetic cosmetology?

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Why should makeup for a deceased person be treated any differently than makeup for a living person? Understanding the difference between cosmetics for the deceased and cosmetics for the living, it is understood where to use the different types of makeup products to cover marks such as bruises and cadaveric hypostasis, as well as to improve the final presentation of a deceased man or woman. It is the task of the funeral professional to master the application of the different cosmetics and the enhancement of the facial features of the deceased, without hiding the natural lines and marks. For several years now, Sortem has been the official distributor in Spain of The MazWell Group and of Dodge products, among which are all the cosmetological solutions for the funeral professional specifically designed to condition and work well on the skin of the deceased or the deceased These are products that contain a higher level of moisturizers to prevent cracking or drying out once applied to the skin.

The difference between makeup for the living and makeup for the dead

The Dodge range of powders and liquid stains offer a translucent finish that allows natural markings to shine through. They can be used to add a bit of color when needed, without hiding any of the natural contours or features of the face or hands. Opaque liquid cosmetics are designed to cover. They contain a solvent that provides quick drying and forms a base that does not crack or peel after application, allowing the application of other cosmetics. With the finishing powders, the necessary color is applied. For their part, cream cosmetics offer a wide range of coverage, from small areas of blemishes to larger areas of discoloration. Mastering the mixing of cosmetics allows the professional to create an infinite range of color shades. The goal is to sympathetically apply cosmetics to enhance the deceased’s final appearance without creating a fake look.

“These are products that contain a higher level of moisturizers to prevent them from cracking or drying out once they have been applied to the skin”

This range of cosmetics offers professionals everything they need for thanatoesthetic makeup. Techniques that with the help of training are easily integrated into the daily application of conditioning. An excellent result that can be reinforced with the help of specific creams such as Kalon or Kaloform. In addition, within the Sortem makeup range, Pankro is added, a new professional makeup brand that offers a very wide range of possibilities and that includes classic makeup, concealers and brushes, as can be seen in the new kit. of makeup that the company presents.