Sortem is born from a shared illusion together with the long experience in the Spanish and international funeral sector of all its members.

What gives meaning to our lives is exploring all the world’s markets in search of understanding of the great diversity that exists in the funeral rite to capture innovative ideas of universal adaptation that help improve the funeral service.

In this sense, our place is to become a global distribution network where we find solutions and opportunities for all our national and international clients.


Basic urns

Ecological urns

Design urns

Minerals for the memory

Ashes jewelry

Shared moments

Wings of Hope

Loveurns®: exclusive distribution of Sortem in Spain, Italy and Portugal

LoveUrns, a world leader in the manufacture of urns, lockets and designer jewelry, is recognized throughout the industry for the high quality of its collections. A careful and prestigious catalog consolidated as a benchmark in the global funeral sector. All their urns are guaranteed by a characteristic holographic seal and by the motto «Handcrafted with Love»

 Dodge®: distribution of products for Thanatopraxia

From Sortem, we have worked to transmit the experience accumulated by Dodge and The MazWell Group in embalming techniques and preparation of the deceased with the representation of the brand in Spain. From arterial, co-injection and cavity fluids as well as sanitizing or disinfecting products, the new embalming machines or the necessary instruments to make the work of the thanatopractor easier and more effective.