The decision to return to nature

The decision to return to nature

Vía Revista Funeraria: Read article /Choosing a biodegradable urn is an ideal decision for a farewell ceremony at sea or to be deposited in a garden cemetery because they are designed to activate their biodegradability and decompose naturally on contact with water or the humidity of the earth.

Sortem’s collection of biodegradable ecological urns is a perfect alternative both for families who prefer to keep the ashes of their loved one and for those who choose to scatter them, bury them in a suitable space or dispose of them in water.

The conservation of this type of ecological urns is very simple. Biodegradable urns are very durable and only start their decomposition process when they come into contact with soil or water. So the family can decide when is the right time to perform their particular farewell ceremony.

  • 100% biodegradable materials: Unfired clay, water-based pigments, sand and cellulose are the materials used to manufacture Sortem’s ecological urns.
    Biodegradability certificate: All the company’s urns have a biodegradability certificate.
  • Dissolution time: In contact with fresh or salt water, the urns dissolve in a period of between 15 and 30 minutes. If the urn is buried, the biodegradability process will depend on the humidity of the soil.
  • Possibility of burying in the ground or depositing in the water: The biodegradable ecological urns can be buried in the ground or be deposited in water. In any of the two options, its biodegradability will be activated.


In the workshop where the Acqua de Sortem urns are modeled, the energy that makes them unique is transmitted to each piece. Brush-tinted in anthracite, blue or walnut colors with natural pigments. The waves of his designs take us to the image of the waters of the sea, the flow of a stream or the interior of a lush forest. Perfect places to activate its biodegradability and trigger a return to nature. An unrepeatable moment for families, which will add meaning to a unique and environmentally friendly farewell ritual.


Sand, from the Latin ‘hasena’, describes the small particles that together form beaches. Each grain of sand, in natural or white, immediately transports us to that feeling of walking barefoot through dunes or sandbanks. Our sense of touch is awakened by feeling them in our hands and opens the way for us to say goodbye. In a smooth, treaded or starfish finish, the preferred place to activate its biodegradability is evoked. It has always been said that it is impossible to count the grains of sand as it happens with the infinite memories of a lifetime shared.



The Chroma series represents life through color. The memory grows when the moments shared are emotionally alive. Crafted from unfired clay, Chroma urns are loaded with symbolism in every aspect. Finished with natural pigments, they come in different color gradations scaled in blue, walnut and anthracite. In addition to the chromatic contribution, the covers present three significant symbols that iconically configure the emotional aspect with an infinity, the age rings of a tree and a starfish as a metaphor for shared life.



An urn-shaped brushstroke that combines the elegance of a design piece with the qualities of an ecological urn. The concept of an ecological urn does not have to move away from an elegant urn with a great presence. The Venezia collection is a set of biodegradable clay urns that are presented in gold, turquoise blue and anthracite. The brush and water paint effect takes us to that feeling of contemplating a great work on a canvas. The Venezia series is perfect for those families who want to combine the possibility of keeping the urn for a while before activating its biodegradability..



Each new shoot that grows is a memory of life. The Tree Remembers is an urn that stands out for its functional simplicity and a strong poetic sense to remember loved ones, planting a tree, bush or plant significant to the family from their ashes. An ecological farewell to return to nature in a new life. The purpose is to manage to mitigate the absence, seeing a part of one’s own memories grow in each new outbreak of life. The Tree Remembers is a biodegradable and recyclable urn that allows the cycle of life to begin again and maintain the natural balance of the planet.



The basic range of the Sortem catalog contains urns of different materials and shapes that respond to the different needs of families with a quality product such as the Terra range. A biodegradable option for ecological services that comes in a wide range of colors and can be customized according to the color range of each company.